Tuesday, 21 June 2011


It hurts letting something good go. It has been good and actually still is doing good.
High traffic, good performances, great to hang out with my friends .. but being the mother of a very active toddler doesn't leave me much room for lots of responsibility on Second Life.

If I would have some reliable staff to do the events, I would keep it.
But the latest generation of Second Life citizens is not so commited having a job that brings on responsibilities. They expect that people will come to them instead of them making effort to bring people in.

The last few months I hosted every single event I planned.
But lately I see myself cancelling more and more events just because I'm just so tired when I've put my son to sleep... all I can think of is either just hang around in SL, watch TV or go to bed early.

Feel free to visit the club until it's closing day. That will be in a couple of weeks

The Noob ....
I will miss it

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