Sunday, 27 February 2011

February 28th: Suzan Littlething

1pm - 2pm slt
We are so glad to have Suzan back on stage with us! This very talented lady has a very bubbly personality, is incredible funny and she can sing too. Influenced by artists like The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, CSNY, Cat Stevens, Eagles, Jason Mraz, Sarah McLauglan and much more she plays covers from the 60ies till now. She is also a very talented songwriter herself.
You really should not miss this performance!

Suzan Littlething plays every other week at The Noob

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Noob: Private Parties

The Noob can be hired for private parties
If you want to make a reservation, copy & paste the following info on a notecard and send it to Aurelia Lionheart

DATE: [of today]
YOUR NAME: [please check spelling]

DURATION: [min 1 hour - max 2 hours]

To fill in form
place an x between the [ ] like this: [x]

I want to make a reservation at The Noob for
[ ] Birthday/Bachelor/Wedding/Other private party [500L per hour]
[ ] Event for small private group [500L per hour]
[ ] Class, workshop (non building) or discussion group in lounge area [75L per hour]

I will need a
[ ] Host [500L per hour + tips]
[ ] DJ [750L per hour + tips]
[ ] No DJ but radiostream [Free]


Read the terms of agreement carefully.
By sending this notecard to Aurelia Lionheart you agree with our terms.

1. Your reservation is not confirmed unless Aurelia Lionheart sends you back a confirmation
2. Payment must occur after receiving confirmation and at least 24 hours before party/event/class
3. The Noob is a non rezz area, exceptions can be made for example weddingcake but only if it is low prim.
4. The Noob is moderate but we try to keep it PG friendly so no nudity or faul (sexual) language
5. You and your guests will keep gestures and scripts to a minimum
6. We expect you to encourage your guests to tip the staff or make a donation
7. It's an open Sim so everyone can walk in to The Noob. During your party/event/class The Noob is still open to other visitors.
8. If one of your guests misbehaves he/she is at risk to be banned from the parcel.
9. The Artists Only Area and 2nd floor are off limits for all visitors and guests.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Feb 21st: Suzan vs Thor

1-2pm slt

We have a special show for you today.
Talented singer &The Noob's regular performer Suzan Littlething will join musical forces with newcomer Thorgal McGillivary!

Saturday, 5 February 2011

February 7th: Henry Goodliffe

1-2 pm slt

With a smooth style and a deep passion for all genres of music, Henry Goodliffe has enjoyed songwriting and singing for years. Fans of his music have described his voice as "beautiful", "sensual", "lovely" and "romantic". While Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Michael Buble are a few of his favorite performers to sing, he also loves to crank it up with artists such as Bryan Adams, INXS, Snow Patrol and Phil Collins.