Saturday, 13 November 2010

Mar Biddle LIVE at The Noob

November 15th
1 - 2 pm slt

Mar started singing in RL before talking, and both she likes doing a lot ;-)

She thought it would be nice to share the gift of her voice with special friends in her second life, as voice hadn't appeared yet. So she started recording songs and sent them to her friends, and from that time got hunted by them to sing in Second Life.
When she sent in some recorded songs to be played at The Not Too Hot at a "Stars Revealed" event, she was asked to make her live debut in SL at the Not Too Hot. Which she did in Feb 2008, after being helped with the techies, which she isn't too good at;-)

Now she is a regular artist in the Not Too Hot, and sang at many other places in SL, including B&B's (Gershwin Room), The Blarney Stone, The Drunken Drow, Not2Z and many others. People keep asking her back. Her music is soulful and emoting, she sings jazz, songs from musicals, ballads and a bit of funk and blues. Most of her songs are in English, but she also sings some French and Dutch Songs

If you want to hear her, you can visit her website:

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