Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The Noob - How it all began

I've been on SL for a 1.5 years now.
In my first week I started working as freelance escort and stripper.
And because I wasn't bad at it, I became employed by some of the better adult venues in Second Life. The highlight was Heaven N Hell.
My decision to leave was a tough one but I decided I no longer wanted to strip or escort. It wasn't fun anymore and it became more and more like a real job.
So I left my HnH family with a little tear in my eyes.

I already had my little venue "That 70's Party!" with my good friend Thorgal Mcgillivary and I wanted to expand.
So I took That 70's down and put up The Noob.
It's defenitely not a Noob venue, altho Newbies are as much welcome as anyone else.

See the General Information Tab to read what The Noob is all about and I hope to meet you there soon!

Aurelia Lionheart

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